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Chris Hickey remembers a young Leroy Houston

My first memory of Leroy was a young 16 year old at the Eastwood Club 10’s displaying a level of skill and physical dominance as he made line breaks and scored tries competing against grade players.

The question on the coach’s lips was: Who is that bloke?

Leroy had all the skills but in particular could carry the ball strongly and usually break the defensive line. He also possessed a good “Rugby IQ” and understood the game. He learned new things quickly and could execute them in the game without any difficulty. He came into 1st grade at 17 and proved to be more than capable of playing well above his age. He was held in high regard by his team mates who enjoyed benefitting from what he could bring to the game. His big smile and enthusiastic personality were infectious.

It was not always a smooth ride for a young player with many high expectations placed on his shoulders. But through the ups and downs Leroy has survived and in the last three years in the UK has flourished.

I look forward to seeing him bring his considerable skills and enthusiasm to the Wallaby jersey.

Chris Hickey

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