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​Eastwood Ballboys/Girls

Once again Eastwood are leading the pack with our ballboy/girl program headed by Barry and Elaine Budd. Eastwood continues to provide ballboys/girls to officiate at Super Rugby games and also were there at the Sydney Sevens earlier this year. We have three new boys joining us this season and we wish them a warm Eastwood welcome. Luke Mitchell, who plays rugby with Dural has already done one game and William Brown and Luke Garlick are yet to make their debuts.

It is more than just running the line for our team of dedicated ballboys/girls as they have a very active beyond Saturday afternoon. Here is a run down on our team.

Maddie Aitken has risen to the most senior of the group. She has been a ballgirl at Super Rugby. Outside rugby she rows for the MLC 1st year 9 squad and is the cox for year 8 who won the Independent girls school regatta and came second in the Head of the River. Over the next few months Maddie will be involved with the winter rowing program for MLC and has been invited to cox for the master series. Maddie is very busy juggling all this and it is just as well her dad Darren is manager of Thirds so they get to enjoy their love of rugby together on Saturday afternoons.

Marcus Romeo is another of our seniors and like Maddie he has done Super Rugby. This year he got to officiate at Sydney Sevens. Marcus plays rugby for Ryde as well as rugby league for North Ryde Hawkes and his school Holy Cross College.

Also a senior is Matt Taylor again he has done a number of Super Rugby games. Matt plays rugby for North Rocks.

Paul Fynes-Clinton is our final senior who has done Super Rugby games along with his recently retired brother Robert. Paul plays his rugby at Dural and is in the Eastwood Reps. When not playing rugby or being a ballboy he plays basketball.

If you get down early enough to watch 4th Grade you will see Ruby Tyler doing the job for her father's team. Neil coaches Ruby's Under 11 netball team early Saturday morning before travelling together to wherever Fourths are playing. Apart from rugby and netball Ruby does Irish Dancing and is a budding sevens player.

It's a family affair for the Davenports. Three brothers, Josh, Sam and Ben are all ballboys for the club and all play rugby with Beecroft. Josh also plays reps for Eastwood and his school.

John Shandley is an awesome long distance runner and plays rugby in a family team for Cherrybrook. John attends Cherrybrook Technical High School.

So when you are at the game and see Eastwood ballboys/girls decked out in their uniform and going about their job virtually unnoticed give them a cheer. Remember they are the best group of ballboys/girls in the competition, setting the gold standard that other clubs can only hope to match.

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