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Goal Posts Freshened Up for the 2015 Season

Back in Round 3 when we played West Harbour it took well into the first half of Second Grade for us to kick our second goal of the day when Max Page finally slotted over a conversion. There were many theories on why our kickers’ radar was off. One of those theories was the goal posts themselves. It was so long since they had had any work done on them maybe they needed to get some tender loving care and a fresh coat of paint.

So before our next home game Don Wilson and his team got organised and spent the day repairing and painting the goal posts. Come Saturday last against Parramatta Gerard McTaggart started the day off kicking 6 from 8 in Fourths, Wes Sefuiva took over in Thirds and plotted 5 from 5. Max Page got himself 2 in Seconds and Ben Batger finished the day with 4 penalties and 2 conversions. Due to the posts or improved conditions? No one can say for sure but the two freshly painted goal posts looked a picture and will be ready next week for Colts when they take on Eastern Suburbs.

Don was impressed with the quality of the workmanship of the goal posts and in particular how the blue flags at the top of the poles are so well engineered. He was also surprised to find an additional metre joined to the top of the posts. Almost like an afterthought. Why did they decide to add the extra metre? Was it to make the posts the tallest at the time? Or some other explanation. Once again if any of the Gatekeepers of the Club’s history know the answer it would be appreciated if you could share it with the rest of us.

How long is it since they got a coat of paint? Anyone knows please let us know.

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