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History of the Shute Shield

Updated: Jun 14

Over the years we've published a few stories on the history of how the Shute Shield got its name - and the amazing story behind it involving the Woods and Uni

The story starts something like this

"You usually have to be a Wallaby to get something named after you - like a stadium or grandstand. So it is incredible that the premier Sydney rugby competition still bears the name Shute Shield 102 years after Robert's death from a tackle made by Jack on Manly Oval on 5 June 1922. For Robert Shute wasn’t a Wallaby but an up and coming grade player who’s death left an everlasting memory on the rugby community.

Watching our game tomorrow up in Dubbo will be Margie Oldfield - Robert Shute's oldest surviving relative- who was present at our game at Uni back in 2022 for the 100 year anniversary of the Shute Shield

Here's a link to a few of the stories published over the past decade or so. Take a moment to browse them and reflect on the astonishing legacy of both Shute families.

Robert Shute, Jack Shute and the Shute Cup

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