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How's this for tense #2

Saturday 3 p.m. Pittwater Rugby Park - 2 undefeated Colts 1 teams go head to head

They've both played 7 rounds and not lost a game. Not surprisingly, its an eagerly anticipated matchup with both Club's keen to see how they go

The game's neck and neck all afternoon, then finally with 2 minutes to go, the young Woodies get a break, score a try that's converted and take what looks like a match winning lead.

But no! there's more life left in the game. 10 seconds left on the clock and the Rats get a penalty. Its a long, long way out and theres just a little bit of pressure on the kicker. Watch his kick here

Oh well, just have to beat them in the Grand Final now.. Sport can be a cruel master sometimes

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