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Nic and the Coach - together again!

7 years ago, John Manenti had to go into bat to get dispensation for a young Nic Dolly to play Colts at the Woods. As John said later

“I had to push to get him eligible to play Colts as he was underage and needed dispensation,” Manenti said. “He was small then but was tough as.

Fast Forward 7 years and look at this. Nic's about to start for the Barbarians v World 15 .. and John Manenti is helping with preparing the team!

Watch it live on STAN Sun, 28 May 10:52pm Kick off 11:00pm

Nic Dolly and John Manenti at Barbarians training yesterday in London

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I am Ken Rathgen's son Scott. I was very pleased to see the article of Ken Rathgens 200 games. Ken is now 90 and is well and living at Terrigal. Both he and I still follow the club. He was also pleased to see this.

Thanks for whoever was responsible for this.

Regards Scott

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