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RIP Geoff Harvey

That lovable rogue, Geoff Harvey, has passed away. An “Eastwood tragic”, Geoff was Secretary of the Club in the early seventies. Living at Epping with wife Penny, he opened a music store at Carlingford where the sales pitch was “a can of ale with every sale”.

At Eastwood, he appointed himself captain, coach and sole selector of the “ Old Frothonians”, the forerunner of the “Eastwood Charcoals”, where half time refreshment consisted of port wine served by a waiter.

He also wrote the words to the Club song, which he proudly played at every opportunity. He holds the dubious distinction of being the only committeeman suspended for a time by the Club for running naked through the clubhouse in front of the lady bowlers.

He will always be remembered whenever “Those Magnificent Men” is sung.

Geoff at TG one last time – 70th Anniversary  2017

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