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So what is the real “Eastwood blue”?

Sounds like an easy question doesn’t it?  And there is an easy and totally correct answer. But first some history…

In researching the details of the Club’s early games in 1947 for our retro game v Gordon on June 10, we came across some very interesting information.  Turns out the Club didn’t always play in Blue and White. Not only that turns out that the Club didn’t always play in the same shade of blue. In fact turns out the club has played in just about every shade of blue you can imagine at various times over the past 70 years.   We’ve played in a very light blue, at other times a blue that was closer to a black, in fact if you take a stroll around TG, you’ll see just about every shade that Dulux ever made.

Just about every week at the merchandise shop you hear people ask for a cap in the “real Eastwood blue”.. Trouble is when you ask them to point to an example of this mystical shade, just about everyone points to a different example.  Makes it pretty hard on the poor bloke in Hong Kong trying to produce each season’s cap – and he’s never even been to TG!

So… what’s the easy and totally correct answer?

Simple, its the colour that Eastwood 1st grade was wearing the first time you saw them play….

Now how to tell that poor bloke in Hong Kong how to make a few hundred in that colour….

(editors note: strictly NO correspondence will be entered into…:))

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