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Start of a new era - Box Hill Boxers kick off!

Last night, the first AGM of Sydney's newest junior rugby club - the Box Hill Boxers - was held. This is a hugely significant step in promoting and growing our game in the rapidly expanding north west of Sydney

The new club at Box Hill has been initially sponsored by Dural Rugby who have been very generous with their assistance. Sydney Junior Rugby have also been strong supporters of this new club and everyone involved is excited about the possibilities of growth in the new corridor along the metro line. Who knows, Box Hill might be the first of a number of new clubs in this growing area of Sydney. The Boxers are aiming to have some Minis teams running around this season!

The Eastwood Juniors District is undergoing some constitutional and governance updates to bring it all up to date and as well our Operations Manager - Craig Hawkings - is now co-ordinating the junior rep team program for the State Carnival in the middle of the year - there's a LOT of good things going on in the juniors.

Here's the inaugural committee of the Boxers

President: Darren Kable

Vice President: Matt Hochstetter

Treasurer: Bernard Waterson

Secretary: Trevor Robson

General Committee: Mark Swindell

General Committee: Kyle Wade

Pretty sure they'd welcome anyone offering to help - Darren's contact details are;

Darren Kable 

President Box Hill Junior Rugby Club 

Mobile: 0424 179 109 

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