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Notice of Meeting Annual General Meeting 2023

Eastwood Members The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held on Tuesday, December 19 2023 by Zoom meeting, commencing 7pm. Details of the Zoom meeting will be circulated prior to the meeting. Note: this is a meeting of Members of the Club only - it is not open to the public The Annual Report incorporating the Financial Report will be circulated to members before the meeting. If you have any questions, could you please submit them in advance of the meeting so that we can collate all the information you require. Questions that have not been submitted in advance may not be accepted at the meeting. Business 1 Attendance and Apologies 2 Minutes of the previous meeting 3 Receipt of the Annual Report incorporating the Financial Report. 4 Election of Directors. A Board Nomination form is here. Nominations are required to be submitted 7 days in advance of the meeting Directors Rob Cusack and Graeme Harrison are due to retire at this meeting; both have indicated they will be standing for re-election Please note: At an Annual General Meeting there is no General Business.

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