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RIP Robin Timmins OAM

Life member NSW Rugby, keenest of Woodies supporters, trailblazing female referee, Robin has unexpectedly and suddenly left us.

There was no Eastwood supporter, more passionate, more committed, more blue and white. Legendary anywhere in rugby circles for her steely obsession with the Woodies.

A 40+ year career in NSW Rugby, committed referee advocate.. and dont forget Tweety Pie her cat

What a sad sad day

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1 comentario

So sad, a great rugby person gone way too early. Robin was a great mentor for me when I started my referring at Eastwood. She was always there to offer support, able to request extra referring duties from me when required and explain painlessly why I got to tour Sydney some days when doing two games. She will be greatly missed by the Eastwood and Sydney rugby community.

Me gusta
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