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TG Millner- the Newcastle footy player!

Everybody knows the story of the Colonel and his generosity and help in setting up the Club. We've also covered in the past, some of his story in the Great War (

Then there's the local community minded bloke who helped with the local Golf and Cricket Clubs.

But not too many people know about TG the footy player and this week when we play the Wildfires at TG, its fitting we look back at Thomas George Millner - the Newcastle rugby player - yes that's right; TG played footy in Newcastle!

TG's father, William James Millner, was the President of the Hunter District Water Board from 1900 - 1908 and during this time a young TG played footy for East Newcastle, got his Bronze medallion at the Newcastle baths and rowed in regattas on the Newcastle Harbour

Fast forward nearly 100 years and another Tom Millner played footy for Newcastle. TG's great Grandson Tom was a smart halfback for the Wildfires in the 90s while a student at Newcastle Uni. Tom is going to be at the game on Saturday.

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