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The old Woods game sign at Eastwood station

A poignant marker of a world that's gone....

Sadly as we all know, the world has changed and no-one nowadays take much notice, but there has been a sign at Eastwood station for many years advertising our next games

This is in fact the 2nd such sign at the station. The first one collapsed about a decade ago and in 2014, one of the Club's greatest supporters the late Maurie Ellem organised for this replacement to be made

In respect of the tradition, regardless of how many actually take any notice, its updated each week by Fred Spark (who also looks after membership, season passes, club records and a myriad of other things for the Club)

When we move, there'll be a sign at the station at Castle Hill continuing the tradition. Maurie, (whose office was just around the corner in Norwest) would definitely approve.

Maurie and his sign


Well, I for one always take notice of the club sign outside Eastwood station whenever I pass. Many thanks to Fred and all the volunteers. I hope that after the move the club will retain some kind of material link with the suburb.

Ian Simpson

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