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The story behind the Club's training shirt

Its a bit different this season but its been very popular. Here's how it came about;

Toward the end of 2022 when we start to plan for the next season, Colts coach Dave Telfer introduced a great concept from Riley Hemsworth - one of our Colts 1 players. Riley has indigenous heritage and he had said his grandmother - Helen Thornbury- back home in Dubbo, would be happy to help design a shirt for the Club

What a great idea!

Our clothing supplier - O'Neills - quickly got on board and before we knew it we had this outstanding design and a few months later everyone was wearing it

Helen Thornbury explains the meaning behind the pattern;

Here's Riley with his Grandmother Helen Thornbury and Mum Tina Hemsworth at Back to Eastwood Day (where's the shirt Riley????)

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