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Training and Trial Match Information 18th March

Training for grade and colts is cancelled for 18th March 2021

Trial information

Due to the inclement weather in Sydney a decision has been made to ratify this week’s trial between Northern Suburbs and Eastwood at TG.

In consultation with the Nth Ryde RSL , Eastwood Rugby Management and Northern Suburbs management  the following is the current status


2nd and 3rd colts are cancelled

1st colts – at this stage will proceed. TG No 1


3rd and 4th grade is cancelled

1st and 2nds- at this stage will proceed. TG No 1

A final inspection and decision will be made around 1.00pm Friday 19th as to whether any other games will be cancelled. But it is the intention of all parties to proceed with as many of the 3 remaining fixtures as possible. Please understand that the forecast is not great but we will work on getting some rugby played this weekend at TG Millner.

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