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Barry Budd made a Life member

Yesterday at half time in first grade and surrounded by Ball Boys and Girls past and present, Club President Brett Papworth announced Barry Budd as the newest Life member of our Club

This was Brett's speech about Barry;

Barry Budd took over as the Ball Boy coordinator in 1998. So that's now 24 years he's clocked up running the most professional and widely admired program in the country.

Not only does he coordinate our Clubs team of ball boys but he also does the Super rugby games in Sydney and often when a test match is played in Sydney he also looks after that

Not bad for a transplanted Kiwi!

More importantly, Barry is a thoroughly decent and genuine person who has contributed enormously to the fabric of our Club and through that to his community.

In recognition of his contribution over all those years ,its my great pleasure to announce that Barry has been made a Life Member of our Club

Congratulations Barry

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