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Remembering Bert Gallard d. October 21 1915

Bert Gallard lived in Corunna Rd, just down from 5 Ways, just around the corner from TG.

The Gallard family were well known orchardists in Eastwood and Castle Hill. Like a lot of boys in the district, on the weekend Bert played footy for the young Eastwood Club. 15 boys from the Club signed up, 4 of them never came home.

When war broke out Bert enlisted at Liverpool on 15th March 1915, and was assigned to B Company of the 20th Battalion. He embarked on H.M.A.S Berrima on 26 June 1915. He landed at Gallipoli, on 29th October, was shot in the neck and died of his wounds a few weeks later, He was buried at sea, a very long way from his family back in Corunna Rd

The District held a memorial in December of that year in his memory along with 2 other local boys - Fred Berry and John Hall- who had been killed in action

Lest we forget

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Lest we forget.

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