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How the 2022 Finals Work

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

By Paul Treanor

The first week of the finals start 13/14 August for all competitions. The eight team model goes for four weeks while the six team model goes for three weeks, hence the competitions playing the six team model finish a week earlier. See the diagrams at the bottom of this post to see how each model works. First and Second Grade as well as Colts 1 play an 8 team finals series with the winners of games A and B in week one get the second week off.

All other teams will play a 6 team finals series. In this model the only team guaranteed of getting a second chance is the minor premiers as the highest loser gets to play in the semi-final. The grand final for First Grade, Second Grade and Colts 1 have been set down for Leichhardt oval on 3 September. The other grades grand final will be played the previous weekend at a venue to be decided. All venues and time for all the final series are determined by the SRU and will be made available once the teams participating has been determined.

Rules for the finals

The following sequence will determine who finishes the highest on the ladder should they be on equal points at the end of the regular season. The team with

  • the most wins, if still equal then,

  • least losses, if still equal then,

  • highest positive points differential if still equal then,

  • highest points for, if still equal then,

  • highest tries, if still equal then,

  • least number of proven offences.

  • If the teams are still even then a play off will take place. Time Off during the game. While in First Grade and Colts 1 injury and stoppage time is permitted there are limits for the other competitions. Second Grade is allowed a maximum of ten minutes during the match – maximum five minutes in the last five minutes. Third and Fourth Grade, Colts 2 and 3 are allowed a maximum five minutes during the match – maximum of five minutes in the last five minutes. When it is a draw at full time. During the finals series, except for First Grade and Colts 1, should teams be equal at full time no extra time will be played and the team who finished highest on the ladder will proceed to the next round. In the case of First Grade and Colts 1 extra time of two ten minute periods shall be played. If still a draw than the highest ranked side moves forward. In the case of the Grand Final extra time will be played. Colts 3 and Fourth Grade will play two five minute periods of extra time. For all other competitions it is two ten minute periods. In all competitions joint premiers will be declared if the sides are still locked together as the conclusion of extra time.

Graphics By Louis Manenti

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