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Video of the 1983 2nd Grade Grand Final

You might take one look at this video and say " its nothing special" but when you hear how it ended up here - well its pretty much almost as big a miracle as the win in the game itself

Back in 1983, everything was on VHS and tapes were expensive so they were re-used, often many times. Each time the quality - which to be frank was never great originally - deteriorated. So it was with this recording taken from the telecast of the game. Some years later, Greg King had that tape transferred onto DVD. The thing with DVDs is that they also had some quirks particularly the reusable ones - as this one was. So this recording was copied onto a DVD over another recording coincidentally of another Randwick v Eastwood game but this one at TG - maybe a semi? So around about the 1:05:30 mark, the Grand Final stops and we get a glimpse back in time to a packed TG and the Woods taking on Randwick at home. Have a look and see if you can recognise a younger Mum or Dad in the crowd..

Anyway the DVD sat in Greg's garage for 30 years until this reunion was announced and after having said he thought he had a copy, he then had to spend hours and hours actually finding it - which he did. Its now been digitised and is safe now forever.. so when the boys have their 80th reunion in 40 years time, they'll be able to look back at how special they were on a day back in September 1983

Here it is, in all its1983 technological glory

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